Can You Pay Dartford Toll In Advance?

You no longer pay for the Dartford Crossing at the barriers.

The new payment scheme is called Dart Charge.

You must pay for a crossing in advance or by midnight the day after crossing.

You can do this using a pre-pay account, which saves you up to a third on every crossing, or by making a one-off payment.

How do you pay for Dartford Crossing?

over the phone by calling: 0300 300 0120. via a Payzone retail outlet (find your nearest Payzone retailer) by post (in advance only) – Dart Charge Customer Services PO Box 842 Leeds LS1 9QF. Pay as You Go – register your vehicle and payment details in advance and automatically pay when you use the crossing.

Do you have to pay Dart charge both ways?

The same fees apply every day, including at weekends and on bank holidays. You’ll also need to pay the same charge each time you cross, so a return journey in a car (with no Dart Charge account) costs £5. Handlily, you can make both payments at the same time.

What happens if you don’t pay dart charge?

What happens if you don’t pay the Dart Charge? If you use the Dartford Crossing and don’t pay the Dart Charge, you’ll be liable for a £70 penalty charge sent to the address your vehicle is registered to. This’ll halve if you pay it within 28 days, but increase to £105 if you don’t pay.

How much is the dart charge?

Dart Charge prices: motorbikes, cars, trailers, minibuses and motorhomes

Type of vehicleOne-off paymentIf you have an account
Cars (incl. trailers)£2.50£1.67
Minibuses (9 seats or less incl. the driver)£2.50£1.67
Buses, coaches vans and other goods vehicles with two axles£3.00£2.63

2 more rows