Question: Can You Send Money From Square To PayPal?

Re: can I deposit square cash into paypal

Not directly.

The only way is to link PayPal account and Square Cash account to same bank account.

You can transfer from Square to bank and then add money from bank to PayPal.

Can you transfer money from square cash to PayPal?

Square Cash transactions are free, but only for linked debit cards. Credit cards can now be used with the service, but there’s a 3% fee per transaction. PayPal’s transactions to or from your bank account or current PayPal balance are free, but debit and credit card transactions will incur a 2.9% (plus 30 cents) fee.

You can link your bank account from your online Square Dashboard or the Square app to start receiving your funds on any one of our deposit schedules. This means prepaid cards or online-only accounts (such as PayPal) aren’t supported at this time.

Is Square or PayPal better?

Comparing Square vs PayPal, Square offers better-integrated payment tools than PayPal, but PayPal pulls ahead in ecommerce payments, and online invoicing features are tied. PayPal’s 2.7% per-swipe fee is lower than Square’s 2.75% per-swipe fee. Overall, we consider Square the better overall option here.

How do I get my money from Square?

Using a debit card, funds are sent to your linked bank account for a fee per deposit. Your funds will routinely be sent to your linked debit card 15 minutes after your close of day, every day. To use Same-Day Deposit, you must have a minimum balance of $1 after Square’s fees. You can send payments as large as $10,000.