Question: Does Circle Pay Have Buyer Protection?

Account Protection Features

Circle Pay requires two-factor authentication when signing up and signing in, so even if your password is compromised there are reinforcements to help keep your information safe!

Can people see your name on Circle pay?

In order for other Circle users to transact with you (sending money, receiving money, requesting money, etc.) they will be able to see your full legal name. If you upload a profile photo or avatar to your account, this will also be visible to other Circle users.21 Nov 2018

Can you get your money back on Circle pay?

Unfortunately, no. Transactions within Circle are processed right away and cannot be canceled. The only time you can cancel a transaction is if you have sent money to someone who does not have a Circle account, and they cannot sign up for Circle to pick up those funds.

Is Circle Pay secure?

BE SAFE (stranger danger)

Although we spend a lot of time keeping you secure, we still encourage each and every one of our customers to be safe when using Circle Pay. Treat money on Circle Pay like you would treat cash in person: don’t give it away to people you don’t know.

Is Circle pay going out of business?

In 2017, Circle made withdrawals to debit cards from the Pay app free. The company has announced cost-cutting measures in recent months, including 30 layoffs in May.13 Jun 2019