Question: How Do I Accept Credit Card Payments Without A Merchant Account?

Accept Payments Online Without A Merchant Account.

For businesses that want to take card payments but not go through a tortuous process of applying for a bank merchant account, Nochex is a great alternative.

Nochex provides a straightforward account so that you can accept card payments and deposit funds.

How can I accept credit card payments for my small business?

The way you accept credit cards will depend on where you’re taking the payments. To accept credit cards in-store, you need a card reader and a merchant account. To accept credit cards online, you need an ecommerce site and a payment gateway.

How do I get a merchant account?

How to create a merchant account

  • Choose credit card brands to work with. This is the starting point of your journey.
  • Figure out the payment model.
  • Analyze your turnover.
  • Start looking for a (local) bank.
  • Prepare your website.
  • Gather all the documents.
  • Submit an application form.

How do I set up a credit card merchant account?


  1. Decide how you want to accept credit card payments.
  2. Search for a merchant account.
  3. Compare fees.
  4. Evaluate the merchant account providers.
  5. Check if the merchant account comes with a payment gateway.
  6. Watch out for scams.

How can I accept credit card payments on my phone?

7 Apps and Readers for Mobile Credit Card Processing

  • Square. Square is a popular service that offers a free mobile app and reader.
  • EMSplus. EMSplus is a low-cost provider with a free app and reader.
  • PayAnywhere. PayAnywhere is a customizable mobile app and reader to accept credit card payments and manage your business.
  • PayPal Here.
  • Credit Card Terminal.
  • QuickBooks GoPayment.