Question: How Do I Find A Merchant?

How do I look up a Merchant ID?

Find your Google Pay merchant ID by clicking the “Settings” menu after logging into your business payment profile.

Click “Settings” and look under the “Public merchant profile” heading.

Your merchant ID is displayed here above your business information.

How do I find a merchant number?

You can find your 16-digit merchant account number in several places:

  • In your application approval email.
  • On the top right of every screen in the merchant service center in the Account field.
  • At the top left of your merchant account statement.

What is a merchant number?

What is a Merchant Identification Number? All online merchants are assigned what is referred to as a merchant identification number (MID) as part of credit card processing. This is used by the computer network to identify the merchant processing a transaction.

What is a merchant purchase terminal?

An authorization is obtained for every sale. An approval response in the form of a code sent to a merchant’s POS equipment (usually a terminal) from a card issuing financial institution that verifies availability of credit or funds in the cardholder account to make the purchase.