Question: How Do I Find My PayPal Invoice ID?

Instructions on finding the Invoice ID via a PayPal account can be found here:

  • Log into the Paypal account.
  • Select the History tab.
  • Locate the first transaction made for the subscription or game purchase, and select “Details”
  • Scroll down the page, and the line right under “Order Description” should be marked “Invoice ID”

Where do I find my PayPal invoice?

You can view your invoices by going to the “Tools” tab of your PayPal account, and selecting Invoicing.

Where do I find my invoice ID on Epic Games?

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What is an invoice ID?

An invoice ID is a number generated after every successful checkout by a buyer. A particular invoice ID may include multiple items from multiple sellers bought from a single checkout by the buyer.

How do I get a PayPal receipt?

Click the “My Account” tab to view your recent activity. Click the “Payments received” link in the “My recent activity” section of the Web page. Locate the payment transaction you need the receipt for by its date or name.