Quick Answer: How Does SumUp Work?

The online registration for a SumUp account is quick and easy.

Then download the free SumUp app for iOS or Android.

SumUp’s wireless card reader connects to your cell phone or tablet via Bluetooth.

The app then uses the internet (3G, 4G or WiFi) to process card payments while connected to the card reader.

How long do SumUp payments take?

SumUp initiates payments – minus transaction fee – to your bank account daily, although it takes 2–3 working days to settle in your account. You can also choose to be paid weekly or monthly on a schedule.

How does SumUp card reader work?

Here’s what you should know. How it works: The PIN+ Terminal connects via Bluetooth to the free SumUp app downloaded to your smartphone/tablet. You enter the price within the app, your customer inserts their card into the PIN+ Terminal, and taps in their PIN.

How much does SumUp charge per transaction?

Transaction Fees

These fees apply to all SumUp Card Readers. The transaction fee per card payment is 2.75% for all accepted cards. Per “Virtual Terminal” transaction the fee is 2.95% + €0.25. The transaction fee per card payment is 2.75% for all accepted cards.

How does SumUp 3g work?

The SumUp 3G card reader is for those who want the simplest possible way to accept cards without any extra features or equipment. With this terminal, you enter the transaction value directly on the keypad, put in the chip card or tap the contactless card, and it will process the payment over the mobile network.

Can SumUp take phone payments?

Virtual Terminal by SumUp

Accept credit card payments remotely with any computer or mobile device.

Do you need WiFi for SumUp?

The SumUp 3G is a standalone device and doesn’t need a second device such as a smartphone or tablet to work. In order to process transactions with SumUp, you will need a connection to the internet via WiFi or data coverage (minimum 3G speed).

What percentage does SumUp take?


How long does sum up take to pay?

Getting paid–how does it work? SumUp processes your transactions and then transfers the funds, minus the SumUp fee, to your bank account as fast as possible. The type of card used and the bank of the cardholder determine the speed of settlement, but generally speaking, the payout should take 2-3 business days.

What is the best card reader to buy?

Best Mobile Credit Card Readers

  • Square: Best overall mobile credit card reader.
  • Shopify: Best for pop-up shops.
  • PayAnywhere: Cheapest transaction fee.
  • GoPayment: Best for Quickbooks users.
  • PayPal Here: Most payment options.

Which is better SumUp or iZettle?

On our top three list, Square has replaced PayPal Here, as it simply offers more features at better rates. For cost-conscious start-ups, SumUp has the lowest card fee, while iZettle and Square have the most superior free payment apps.

What is the cheapest card reader?

As you can see the SumUp reader is the cheapest followed by the Square then PayPal Here then iZettle and finally the Shopify card reader. The SumUp is clearly the cheapest device but what’s impressive is that it achieves that without compromising on functionality.

What is the best card machine?

The best card machines for small businesses:

  1. 01 | iZettle card reader.
  2. 02 | Ingenico iCT220.
  3. 03 | Ingenico’s iWL series.
  4. 04 | SumUp Air.
  5. 05 | PayPal Here.
  6. 06 | Worldpay reader.

How do I set up SumUp 3g?

SumUp 3G: Setup guide

  • Make sure that you have completed your SumUp account registration by logging in online at sumup.me as this is necessary to begin accepting payments.
  • Turn on the device by pressing the power button.
  • Select your preferred language for your device.

How do I reset my SumUp 3g?


  1. Restart the device. Power off your device by holding the power button down for 4 seconds or until the 4 green LEDs turn off.
  2. Change your location. Open areas and those near windows are ideal for connection.
  3. Contact SumUp Support.

How secure is SumUp?

The most important is to have the client in front of you to ensure the smooth processing of a secure card-present transaction. Chip & PIN provides added security when used at the SumUp chip-enabled terminal. Magneticstripe cards present certain level of risks, as this scam is a one the top financial crime.

Can SumUp take online payments?

In addition, merchants can also accept online payments through an integration of SumUp as a payment tool in their web shop. Through our Omnichannel Payment Suite, we offer simple and secure access to all payment types under one roof to businesses in all markets incl.

Can I take card payments over the phone with SumUp?

To take card payments with a mobile device, you must first download the SumUp Card Payment App. All you need to do is to enter the cardholder’s details into the app and the credit card payment is processed for you.

How can I accept payments over the phone?

Accepting credit cards by phone

There are a number of ways that you can accept credit cards over the phone these days. You can: Manually enter the customer’s credit card information on your point-of-sale (POS) system or mobile payments device. Accept a payment online for the phone order using a virtual terminal.