How Much Is A Contactless Card Reader?

How much does a card reader cost?

A basic PayPal Here swipe reader will cost you $14.99.

To accept chip or contactless payments, you can buy a $25 EMV reader, $60 NFC reader, or $79 three-in-one reader—the cheapest three-in-one device we found.

How do I get contactless payments?

SumUp Air Card Reader accepts NFC payments via card, Android and Apple Pay. To accept a contactless transaction just tap the card for 1-2 seconds flat in front of the display of the reader.

How does a contactless card reader work?

How does contactless work? Contactless credit cards have a chip inside them that emits radio waves. An antenna is built into the plastic to secure the connection with a contactless reader. This is known as radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.

Do you get charged for using contactless?

Will I be charged extra for using contactless? No, there is no extra charge for making a contactless payment.