Quick Answer: Is Shopify A Merchant Account?

Shopify Payments allows you to quickly begin accepting credit cards at your online store.

You won’t have to worry about integrating a third-party processor, and Shopify will waive its own shopping cart transaction fees.

Others say that Shopify Payments has frozen their accounts or is holding payments.

How do you get a merchant account?


  • Decide how you want to accept credit card payments.
  • Search for a merchant account.
  • Compare fees.
  • Evaluate the merchant account providers.
  • Check if the merchant account comes with a payment gateway.
  • Watch out for scams.

What is a Shopify merchant?

If you’re a multichannel merchant who sells in-person as well as online, Shopify is an excellent choice. When you sign up for Shopify’s eCommerce store, you’ll also automatically register for Shopify POS. Shopify POS lets you easily complete in-person retail transactions and process credit card payments.

Who does Shopify use for credit card processing?

With Shopify POS, you can easily accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit cards on the go, or in your retail store. Using the Shopify card reader, you’ll get swipe rates as low as 2.4% + 0¢ on all credit card transactions.

How do merchant accounts work?

A merchant account is an account that enables merchants to process online credit and debit payments. According to a designated schedule as determined by your payment gateway, the funds are automatically transferred from your merchant account into your business bank account, which you set up for yourself.