Question: Is The Square Secure?

Security is engineered into Square hardware and software from the ground up.

Your payments are encrypted to protect from hackers.

All card-present payments are encrypted from end to end.

In-house teams constantly monitor our server security.

Is Square safe for customers?

It’s user-friendly and easy to navigate. The app is free, but you do have the option to pay for third-party apps to work side-by-side with Square. Currently, you can only use the app on iOS and Android devices. It is not available on Windows, Blackberry, and Amazon Fire.

Is Square credit card reader secure?

The good news for any business using Square to process credit card payments is that Square itself is PCI compliant. In other words, Square does all the work for you to maintain PCI compliance for every payment you take, no matter which credit card you swipe. As noted, Square handles the SAQ, so you don’t have to.

Is the Square reader worth it?

Yes, a merchant account and separate POS may be more expensive than Square (since Square is free of monthly fees for both the POS and payment processing), but you’ll gain a lot of power, efficiency, and control in the process. In the end, the added value tends to be worth the investment.

Does Square protect sellers?

Square covers chargeback costs for up to $250 in eligible sales monthly, which is great for merchants selling low-cost, low-risk merchandise. But for merchants selling more expensive products and services, Square offers less protection.