Quick Answer: Is My Strange Addiction On Netflix?

Who eats toilet paper?

Jade Sylvester, 25, developed a craving for clean toilet paper during a recent pregnancy and now eats as much as entire loo roll’s worth every day.

She first developed the bizarre snacking habit while she was expecting her youngest son Jaxon..

Is my strange addiction staged?

It’s unclear how much of My Strange Addiction is scripted or grossly exaggerated, but TLC is known for its heavy-handed editing. Some cast members have publicly suggested that their episodes were fabricated, while others apparently did TLC’s dirty work and ramped up the drama for the cameras.

How many seasons of my strange addiction are there?

6My Strange Addiction/Number of seasons

How do I get on my strange addiction?

To be considered for the series, contact the 20 West casting team at 312-467-8145 or by emailing 20westcastingteam@gmail.com. Be ready to supply your name, age, contact information and brief explanation of how your strange addiction is taking over your life.

Has anyone on my strange addiction died?

Sheldon, who appeared on reality series E!’s Botched and TLC’s My Strange Addiction, was perhaps best known as a look-alike for Justin Bieber. He went missing on August 18. His body was found August 21 in a motel room in the San Fernando Valley. An autopsy has been conducted, but no cause of death has been given.

Why is the office in my strange addiction?

The song, “My Strange Addiction,” kicks off with Steve Carell’s bumbling Michael Scott inadvertently name-dropping the singer in a line from Season 7 episode “Threat Level Midnight,” in which the Office boss unveils his self-made secret agent film after years of referencing it within the series.

What are some weird obsessions?

Completely Bizarre Things People Are Addicted ToDrinking urine. Carrie, who is addicted to drinking urine from My Strange Addiction | TLC via YouTube. … Getting coffee enemas. … Bleaching hair. … Eating mattresses. … Breast implants. … Getting stung by bees. … Huffing gasoline. … Eating the ashes of dead people.More items…•

What is the strangest addiction in the world?

‘My Strange Addiction’ – The 10 Strangest AddictionsEating a Dead Person.Smelling a Baby Doll Head. … Drinking Nail Polish. … Snorting Baby Powder. … Eating Couch Cushions. … In Love With a Doll. … Eating Toilet Paper. … Eating Drywall. There are a lot of creatures that can get inside your walls and eat away at your drywall, causing serious damage to your home. … More items…•

What channel is my strange addiction?

TLCMy Strange Addiction/Networks

Is my strange addiction on Amazon Prime?

Watch My Strange Addiction Season 5 | Prime Video.

Did Shannon stop drinking gasoline?

Dr Margaret Mitchell tells Shannon how the gasoline has already destroying her nervous tissue, stomach and even her intestine are already being infected. Finally, Shannon promise to stop consuming gasoline. Shannon has not consumed gasoline since seeing the doctor and she even plans to start addiction therapy soon.

When did my strange addiction end?

February 4, 2015My Strange Addiction/Final episode date

Why was Trisha paytas on my strange addiction?

The YouTube star appeared on My Strange Addiction, revealing she used a sunbed every day – sometimes even twice a day. … At the time she described herself as a ‘tanorexic’ and revealed her addiction started when her mum got her 40 sunbed sessions for her 14th birthday.