Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For Followed By?

What is another word for process?

Synonyms forcase.course.development.means.practice.proceeding.system.technique..

What is the difference between following and followed by?

The other difference is the meaning of the two uses. Sentence 1) means that winter comes first, and summer comes after that. Sentence 2) means that summer comes first, and winter comes after that. It depends on the sayer what emphasis they want to introduce.

What is another word for complied?

What is another word for complied?followedfulfilledobeyedobservedrespectedsatisfiedmetkeptmindedperformed16 more rows

Is it followed by or followed with?

It’s correct under certain circumstances. If follow is used as a passive verb, by is the preposition used + noun/noun phrase. If follow is an active verb, with is used + noun/noun phrase: The boxer downed his opponent using two moves.

What is the name for someone who takes a part in a play?

ANSWER. Someone who takes part in a play or film (5) ACTOR.

Will be as follows or followed?

‘As follows’ or ‘as follow’ may be confusing because no matter what comes before, whether it’s singular (it), one of something, or plural (they), two or more of something, the correct usage is ‘as follows.

What is the meaning of preceded by and followed by?

‘Preceded by’ means something is going before the subject. ‘Followed by’ means something is following the subject.

What does go along with mean?

1 : to go or travel with (someone) They were going to the fair so I asked whether I could go along with them. 2 : to agree to do or accept (what other people want) We tried to convince him to support us but he refused to go along with us.

What is the synonym of completed?

What is another word for completed?concludedfinishedcompletefinalisedUKfinalizedUSaccomplishedconsummatedendedoverterminated81 more rows

What’s a word for someone who takes action?

Synonyms for man of action achiever. motivator. dynamo. busy person. energetic person.

What is the meaning of followed by?

phrase. You use followed by to say what comes after something else in a list or ordered set of things. Potatoes are still the most popular food, followed by white bread. See full dictionary entry for follow.

What is another word for getting involved?

What is another word for get involved?be drawn ininterferemix intake a handbarge inbutt inactinterruptconciliatebecome involved100 more rows

What is the meaning of complied?

acted in agreement with the requirements or rulesComplied definitions The definition of complied means acted in agreement with the requirements or rules. If you were ordered to wear white and you showed up wearing white, this is an example of a time when you complied with the order.

WHAT DOES A followed by B means?

You can translate A is followed by B as B follows A, A and then B, A comes before B, and B comes after A. These will all hold the meaning that B follows A and that A precedes B.