Quick Answer: What Is The Opposite Word Of Wealthy?

What is the synonym and antonym of wealthy?

Antonyms: poor.

Synonyms: wet, squiffy, crocked, fuddled, tight, flush(p), plastered, smashed, affluent, ladened, soused, cockeyed, loaded, monied, soaked, moneyed, stiff, besotted, laden, slopped, pie-eyed, blotto, pissed, blind drunk, sloshed, sozzled, flush, pixilated..

What is the opposite of commission?

Noun. ▲ Opposite of the action of committing a crime or offence. nonfulfillment. nonperformance.

What do you call a wealthy man?

affluent – an affluent person; a person who is financially well off; “the so-called emerging affluents” Croesus – a very wealthy man. fat cat – a wealthy and privileged person. man of means, rich man, wealthy man – a man who is wealthy. millionairess – a woman millionaire.

What do you call a female millionaire?

millionairess – a woman millionaire. have, rich person, wealthy person – a person who possesses great material wealth. Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection. milliomosnő

What do you call a poor person?

SYNONYMS FOR poor 1 needy, indigent, necessitous, straitened, destitute, penniless, poverty-stricken.

What do you call someone who flaunts their money?

“Braggart” is the word for those who flaunts his or her achievements, knowledge or possession. … My personal favorite word is “Ostentatious” for those who vaunts of his or her wealth knowledge or achievements. It’s an adjective. Its noun is “Ostentatiousness​”.

What is another word for commissioned?

Commissioned Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for commissioned?appointedauthorisedUKentrustedintrustedinvestedlicencedUKlicensedUSnamedorderedplaced176 more rows

What is an Commission?

A commission is also an order for someone to do something and get paid: The artist received a commission for a new painting to hang in the building lobby. And a commission is a high-ranking position in the armed forces, or a special committee that controls or investigates something.

What is a rich word?

Adjective. rich, wealthy, affluent, opulent mean having goods, property, and money in abundance. rich implies having more than enough to gratify normal needs or desires. became rich through shrewd investing wealthy stresses the possession of property and intrinsically valuable things.

What is the opposite of wealthy?

Opposite of possessing financial wealth. impoverished. poor. penniless. destitute.

What is the word for rich people?

Some common synonyms of wealthy are affluent, opulent, and rich.

What does Exodus mean?

noun. a going out; a departure or emigration, usually of a large number of people: the summer exodus to the country and shore. the Exodus, the departure of the Israelites from Egypt under Moses. (initial capital letter) the second book of the Bible, containing an account of the Exodus.

What is another word for rich?

Some common synonyms of rich are affluent, opulent, and wealthy. While all these words mean “having goods, property, and money in abundance,” rich implies having more than enough to gratify normal needs or desires.