Quick Answer: Which Is The Best Online Payment App?

According to consumerismcommentary.com

Apple Pay



Cash App

Google Pay

Which app is best for online banking?

5 Best Mobile Banking App in India

Name of Banking AppOverall RatingsAction
iMobile by ICICI Bank4.8Download
Yono Lite by SBI4.6Download
Axis Mobile4.6Download

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Which is best online payment app in India?

Here are some of the top 10 mobile wallet companies in India and what they offer to their customers.

  • PayTM.
  • Amazon Pay.
  • Google Pay (formerly known as Tez)
  • PhonePe (now part of Flipkart)
  • Yono by SBI.
  • Citi MasterPass.
  • ICICI Pockets.
  • HDFC PayZapp.

Which is the best transaction app?

Here is the list of most widely recognized international money transfer apps for iOS and Android used across various countries.

  1. Venmo.
  2. Apple Pay cash.
  3. Google pay send.
  4. Facebook messenger.
  5. PayPal.
  6. Square Cash.
  7. Azimo.
  8. Snapcash via Snapchat.

Which money transfer app is the best?

7 Best Money Transfer Apps for Your Needs

  • OFX. OFX is the perfect money transfer app for paying out big bucks overseas.
  • Paypal. Most people are already pretty familiar with Paypal (PYPL – Get Report) .
  • Square’s Cash App.
  • TransferWise.
  • Venmo.
  • WorldRemit.
  • Zelle.